3 December 2007

Cure4CF Goes Live

Yay, we have now completed the new identity and website for Cure4CF.

The Cure4CF logo was created using a stylised double helix. This simple clean 2 colour logo is fresh, yet still maintains a corporate feel. The colours were selected to resemble the overall brand essence and goals of the organisation

Orange - Inspirational, yet portraying a sense of urgency to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. Light Blue - Symbolising life, hope, water, breath and laboratory work.

The orange line running through the double helix represents pinpointing a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.

Check out the new Website at www.cure4cf.org

31 October 2007

Congratulations Breast Cancer Network

Last weekend the very first NZ National Breast Cancer Conference was held in Rotorua. Approximately 465 women (and a few men) spent 2.5 days absorbing the very latest info surrounding Breast Cancer, which included a range of topics about treatments, genetics, screening, clinical trials, and NZs contribution to World Wide Cancer Research.

This conference hosted by the Breast Cancer Network NZ was a forum for those who have experienced Breast Cancer to come together and gain a better understanding of this disease as a whole.

Key Note speakers included Dr Susan Love who is famous in the Breast Cancer community for her widely acclaimed 'Dr Susan Love's Breast Book' - now in its 4th edition. Dr Love's talk gave a conceptual overview of the changes in screening, prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

This was certainly a valuable conference to all who attended, and I highly recommend anyone who is affected by Breast Cancer to attend the second National Breast Cancer Conference (TBA).

> This photo was taken at the conference dinner. Guess what the theme for the evening was?!

15 October 2007

Breast Cancer Awareness Month...

As each year passes, it is now almost expected to see the Sky Tower in Auckland transform into a pink icon to acknowledge Breast Cancer Awareness month. Personally with the amount of 'pink' around us during the month of October, I get the sense that most people are now 'aware' of this disease!

I think the important thing women should do is start to consider what they can do in their day to day lives to reduce the risk of getting Breast Cancer - and act now.

Here are a few of the obvious...
• Healthy Balanced Diet
• Exercise
• Meditation / Visualisation
• Laugh and be happy
• Balance (manage stress)
• Music and dance

8 October 2007

MessageMark is Alive!!

Hey Everyone...

Today is a very exciting day. Our new website is now live! After nearly 4 years of planning we now have a professional marketing tool and we are feeling very chuffed about it.

The MessageMark site is a window into the charities we support, and our greeting card range. Our long term plan is to create a shopping cart environment so you can purchase cards directly from our site.

Be part of the MessageMark community – don't forget to join our mailing list so you stay in touch with our new card designs and charity partners.

Feeling the buzz from giving,
Kyrie @ MessageMark

6 September 2007

Cystic Fibrosis Cure?

MessageMark have the exciting opportunity to be involved in the launch of a new fund raising organisation called 'Cure4CF' in Australia. We will be supporting Cure4CF by creating a new identity and developing a marketing plan to help raise the non-for-profit organisation's profile.

Cure4CF is simply that. The ultimate goal is to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. A small Gene Therapy Research team based in Adelaide, South Australia are making some amazing progress towards a cure – they just require ongoing financial support to fund their incredible work.

Cure4CF will help to fund the research, and of course they will rely heavily on donations from the public.

MessageMark are excited to play an important part in helping Cure4CF get off the ground. So stay tuned for more information about Cure4CF.

1 August 2007

Hello Messagemark

We know you are getting excited, and it's not too far away. You have waited so patiently to be officially launched. Oh brilliant Messagemark, it's nearly your time to shine.

Soon individuals will send your ‘jot’, ‘chat’ and ‘msg’ cards to their friends and families.

Businesses will use your cards to follow up customer appointments and build better customer relationships.

I must say though, the thing we love most about you Messagemark is the fact that you support Cure4CF Foundation. 30% of all online sales will be donated directly to Cure4CF to help find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.

Looking forward to seeing you soon Messagemark.
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