12 February 2010

New Market Location

The Grange Organic Market is moving in a months time to the Fulham Gardens Primary School. Messagemark will continue to have a stand at the new location on a fortnightly basis. Go to the official market website for more info...

10 February 2010

Obstacles at work

How am I meant to get any work done!

My neighbours cat popped in to say hi and get some relief from the heat, but he kept jumping up to just lie on top of my keyboard. He's a funny cat!

I suppose I don't blame him - I can understand that he would be attracted to my gorgeous new "Magic Mouse" from Apple.

5 February 2010

Bowerbird Bazaar March 2010

Style-savvy shoppers with a keen eye for beautiful objects to feather their nests will take delight in the Bowerbird Bazaar. This three-day event gives the public an opportunity to seek out unique art and handmade wares created by Australian designer/makers. The Bazaar provides a platform for professional artists, designers and craftspeople working in visual art, jewelery, furniture, textiles and fashion, glass and ceramics, and other design-driven fields like greeting cards!

The event also presents the wonderful opportunity for the public to meet and talk with the people who make the products. Of course I will be there to promote Messagemark so come on down for a visit Sat or Sunday. It will be great to meet you face to face.

For more details visit the official Bowerbird Bazaar website or blog...


Friday 26th March 4pm – 9pm
Saturday 27th March 10am – 5pm
Sunday 28th March 10am – 4pm

Queen's Theatre, Playhouse Lane, Adelaide

3 February 2010

Messagemark has a Twitter

A little bird told me twitter was a must, so I have joined the millions who twitter their daily movements. If you’re already following me on twitter thank you, if not I look forward to seeing you there!

1 February 2010

It's a Mini-Me!

Mini-Me Two

Mini-Me Three
Having a bit of fun here. I wanted to do something that was more interesting than a normal product shoot. So Denis and I set up a small photo booth at home, I took a special shrinking pill, then once I was about 15cm high I climbed up on my stacks of cards. I'm really pleased the shrinking pill wore off and I am now back to my normal height! Click on an image to go to my Flickr page for more examples.
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