30 April 2011

Country Air & Cups of Tea

I just spent the last two days at Jane Place Market in the Barossa Valley. Perfect time of the year in the Barossa. The beautiful autumn colours and clean country air made it a pleasant break from our city life.

I had a couple of Dinky-Dye friends hanging out with me... Koala, Platypus, and Kookaburra. It was a fun couple of days catching up with old friends while sipping cups of tea. (Scullery Made of course!)

26 April 2011

Jane Place Market

Hanging out in the country this week at the Barossa Vintage Festival. Come along and make the most of this glorious Autumn weather and stop by Jane Place Market. I'm looking forward to hanging out with my market friends including Scullery Made, Delilah Devine and UCA6 Skincare.

18 April 2011

Our Retro Abode

2/4/2011 the day we bought our dream Retro Abode at Auction. A nail biting experience, but in the end it was meant to be.

We were happy and lucky to meet the previous owner Cyril who has now started a new chapter in his life in an old folks home. An absolute sweetheart... I just wanted to give him heaps of cuddles but thought that may seem weird!

He was happy to meet us too, knowing our plans and love for his home of 50 years.

Might have to frame this one to pop up on the wall when we move in!

We move mid May, then the fun begins... as we start renovations I will post images and details of the transformation on my Retro Delights blog! 

13 April 2011

Nesting at Bowerbird

Messagemark is starting to prepare our nest for our 3 day possie at the Bowerbird Bazaar 6-8th May. We will be located in the main hall in the middle towards the back at stall #42. This will be our fourth Bowerbird event and we're still looking forward to it as if it was the first!

If you have never attended then it is well worth the effort - I can guarantee you will not be disappointed with all the eye candy to devour!

And while in our corner do pop next door to stall #41 and say hi to my lovely husband Denis (Denis Smith Photography). He is hard to miss with his incredible light painting photography named "Ball of Light". Men also find Denis' work intriguing, so send your partners over to his stand and he can entertain them while you shop!

9 April 2011

Surrounded by Light!

We have had an interesting couple of weeks mixed with both major excitement and emotional reflection.

My husband Denis launched his "Ball of Light" movie by Sam Collins, and already it has had over 29,000 views globally. We can’t believe how much the movie has touched people on so many different levels. It is definitely going viral!

We have been a bit emotional since the release of the movie as we are both overwhelmed and very happy that we have made it through the tough times... together. We were in a very dark place, and now we are surrounded by light! (literally!!)

I have spent the past 2 weeks working on an online shop so people can purchase Denis' wonderful Ball of Light creations. We launched the shop last night and when we woke up this morning there was already an order from America sitting in my inbox. How wonderful!

Ball of Light Shop >
Ball of Light Movie >


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