20 December 2011

Sending Chrismas Cheer

Well the silly season is upon us...so sending you some Christmas cheer for a wonderful festive season full of fun and laughter.

During the Chrissy and New Year period, the Messagemark online shop will still be open, however there may be a slight delay in delivery due to running on a skeleton staff member (me!) from 24th December to 9th Jan 2012. I will do what I can to deliver your cards within 7 working days, but do apologise in advance if there are any delays.

Wherever you are, however you celebrate your Christmas, I wish you peace, joy and happiness!


14 December 2011

Hello "Miss K"

My friend Mardi found this vintage top and thought of me when she spotted the label. But who would have thought a green vintage top found in a second hand store could cause such a stir!

Since seeing this my brain has been going into creative overdrive and I am starting to lack sleep over it! I am really drawn to this name and so have decided to launch a new label called "Miss K". I feel it is a good brand to encompass all of the creative projects I find myself involved in.

Messagemark products will of course still live on, but you may just find the product range expand even further when mixed with my other creative projects. I am still working out the nuts and bolts of rolling this out, but I am ready for a fresh new direction. Bring it on, 2012 will bring change and focus.

Bit of a brain dump, so probably not making too much sense right now. Exciting times though!


7 December 2011

Messagemark out & about

I'm thrilled to be invited to The Breakfast Rave this coming weekend. The Rave is a spontaneous community event that pops up in various iconic Barossa locations - totally our cup of tea! I will be selling some Messagemark goodies plus some objects I've collected and crafted by hand.

I'm sure you will enjoy yourselves at this intimate pop-up event. Stop by for breaky, the best coffee and tea, cakes, plus there will be a few other stalls to browse - all ethical, local, organic and handmade products. LOVE it!

When: 8.00am - 12noon Sunday 11th Dec 
Location: Angaston Train Station
Check out some pics from the last event >

See you there,
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