31 May 2012

Dear Eleanor

The second issue of Dear Eleanor Zine has arrived. Never heard of it? Well it is a wonderful publication created to celebrate Adelaide and South Australian talents, wares and hidden gems. A few of my friends are featured in the second issue including Gretel Girl Draws, Denis Smith Photography, E for Ethel and Vintage Carousel. Ooooh, I see a little story about Messagemark too!

22 May 2012

Simple Sale...

It’s Simple.
We are having a 50% off everything sale.

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Starts 8.00am Wed 23rd May.


15 May 2012

Vintage Inspired Linocut

My Print Featuring Georgia's Living Room
The Original Lino
Artist's Tools
My friend Georgia Cheesman is a wee bit talented in the area of lino printmaking! Her style very much focuses around reproducing interior spaces - a pretty cool subject! Previous works have included private interiors from the Croydon area, as well as a detailed series of the Wheatsheaf Hotel called 'Before the Crowd'. She is currently planning her next exhibition which will feature a collection of creative studios/work spaces.

Georgia shares my love of mid-century furniture design and decorating, so this style is often found in her compositions. I am the proud owner of a piece from her very first exhibition, Georgia's own living room, and I must say it really is the perfect match to my own retro interior. 

If you would like to have a try at creating your own Linocut artwork, Georgia runs an evening art class throughout the year at Ruth Tuck Art School in Burnside. See the website for details >


8 May 2012

Colour Form Shape = Polyhedra

I love the fact that wherever I go, or whatever I do there is always inspiration right before me! Bright colours (including Fluorescence) and geometric shapes are popping up all over the place. Seems to be a new LOVE for many. So I have come up with my own take on geometric shapes, and it's called Polyhedra!

Above is a collection of objects and colours that have inspired me. A necklace from Gretel Girl, the shadow created by my screen door at home, textures in man made and natural objects, and home wares featured in the latest home design mags.

Paper is a flat medium, but of course that doesn't mean it has to always stay that way! Polyhedra will include a new project that will turn flat paper into a three dimensional form... I won't spoil the surprise just yet, but it will involve a bit of hands on from you!

Polyhedra is on it's way, just working the final touches!
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