28 June 2012

One Jot Card at a Time!

Jot Cards cut and ready for creasing
Creasing Jot Cards by hand.
My trusty hand creasing machine
Creased Cards waiting for packaging
I've been making Jot Cards this evening... I love it when I have a table full of cards, they look so lovely in their groups so I thought I would take a few snaps. Denis kindly guillotined them for me ready for creasing. My creasing machine dents the fold of the card to give it that crisp professional finish! There are machines out there that do this at a much faster rate, but I opt for the slow manual way (handling one card at a time) as I am quite fussy about the end result. Only the best will do at Messagemark!


26 June 2012

Instameet #5

A few of my Instagram pics from Instameet #5 More >
On the weekend I went to my first "Instameet". What's that you ask? Well, it is a small group of Instagram Photographers who catch up occasionally for a creative photographic project. This time the meet was held at the SA Museum - the home of endless photo opportunities!

It was a great way to casually pass a few hours on a Saturday morning, plus there was time for a quick lunch and catch up after all the serious photography took place. If you are into Instagram and live in Adelaide why not join the group on Facebook to be notified when and where the next meet is! It really is a neat way to meet new people and expand your creativity!


25 June 2012

Bowerbird Bazaar

Denis and I are really looking forward to waving the Messagemark flag again in July at the Bowerbird Bazaar.  I've been working hard behind the scenes developing, designing and making new products. The time has now come to share our exciting new range with you and what better place than Bowerbird!
Come down, say hi, and see my new 'Polyhedra' collection including Prints, Cards and my new Paper Garland kit.
Happy happy joy!

21 June 2012

New Forest Print

One of our most popular card designs is now available to purchase as a print. Check it out, priced from $15. A great way to add a bit of colour to your space.

18 June 2012

Giving is a Gift!

As some of you may know, I recently ran a fundraising auction on Facebook to help a friend in need. I was so thrilled that we raised $550 in only one week! This is an example of how Facebook can be used for Good, and I thank everyone who donated with all my heart.

There was also a special someone who sent me extra money even when they don't have a huge amount of spare cash themselves. It gave me warm fuzzies all over and so I want to return that feeling by sending her a set of my new Polyhedra prints for her little son. I can't wait for her to get the prints in the mail ... I wish I could see the happy surprise on her face!!

Isn't it sad how some people just don't get the fact that giving is a gift in itself and the person giving probably enjoys it more than the one on the receiving end!

5 June 2012

Polyhedra Prints

The big green 'Print Button' was pushed today, so my new range Polyhedra is on its way! I have selected 4 different designs to be included in the print range, and they will be available as of next week!

A wee bit later, the Polyhedra Note Cards, Postcards and Jot Cards will hit the shops looking rather dapper in brand new packaging!

The official launch for Polyhedra will be at Bowerbird Bazaar in July, but I really don't want to tease you for that long, especially those that live interstate or overseas!

Don't forget to sign up to my mailing list to be notified when they are ready to go!


1 June 2012

For a friend in need...

Please help me...
I wish to raise money to help a friend who lives in France so she can keep a roof over her head and put food on the table. Yes, it is honestly this serious. Even if this auction pays her rent for one extra week then that is one week of security that we can offer her. 100% of money raised will be sent directly to her.

The Auction will run on my Facebook page next week from Monday 4th June to Friday 8th June.  

Thank you so much for taking part in this auction to support my friend.
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