31 January 2013

Inspired by "Frankie"

Combining my love of all things retro, with interior styling totally equates to the ultimate job for me! This week I had the pleasure of working with Jane, the owner of "Three Card Trick", a cute retro store located in Colonel Light Gardens, Adelaide. 

We had an awesome day starting at 9am and finishing up around 7pm. Although, I got home at 9.30pm because I didn't want to leave - Such a cool space to hang out in!

The shop was in a little bit of a chaotic state, so thought it would be a great opportunity to create a time-lapse to record the transformation (and our hard work!).

The brief was to bring back some order to the store, remove clutter, and create a warm welcoming environment for customers when they visit the shop. Jane was featured in Frankie Magazine, and when I first met her in Three Card Trick I totally felt like the shop was like a 'bricks and mortar' version of the mag. So that was our styling inspiration, and all day we kept saying, oh that's so Frankie!

Organised Chaos?
oh, that's so Frankie!
So any Frankie fans out there, you will definitely love Three Card Trick! If you do pop in, tell Jane I sent you!

Three Card Trick
7 Salisbury Cres, 
Colonel Light Gardens, SA
Phone Jane 0404 457 274

11 - 5pm Thurs & Fri
11 - 4pm Sat & Sun 


13 January 2013

'Up We Pop' Logo Design

This week I was asked to design a logo to use on printed, online marketing materials and a shop window for One Small Room's 'Up We Pop' Shop. The key was to create a design that worked with the existing OSR brand, but also something that portrayed the style and products of OSR, and the 'pop up' shop concept overall.
Considering OSR specialises in vintage industrial and upmarket design, I decided to create a logo that had a vintage sign look and feel about it.

Inspiration from Modern 50
Inspiration from Modern 50
Inspiration from Modern 50
I decided to create a bold logo that would work well overlaid onto photographs as well as a window graphic. Incorporating the One Small Room web address into the logo helped to link it back to the One Small Room business for situations where this logo was used as a separate entity.

Initial Concepts

Colour choice was easy once a background image was selected for the email and postcard promo. The vintage green worked well with the finished logo -simply inspired by the green book on the desk!

Postcard and Email Design
Printed Postcards (Photo - Denis Smith Photography)
The Shop Window - finished result. (Photo - Denis Smith Photography)
I am very happy with the end result, and more importantly so are Bek, Tim and Georgia from One Small Room. A fun way to start the 2013 working year!
If local do check out this awesome space at 20 Ebenezer Place, Adelaide. 
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