25 February 2013

Sharing Dinky-Dye Love


I was so thrilled to receive an email this morning from a customer who has based the decor of her child's bedroom entirely around my Dinky-Dye range of prints. She even made a giant crochet floor rug to match! How awesome does this look! Loving the wall colour and that floor rug is super! Next on the to do list is a patchwork quilt using the D.I.Y Cut and Sew Kits. That's one creative and inspiring customer!


20 February 2013

Nigel in the Spotlight

Nigel the Kookaburra from my Messagemark DIY Cut & Sew Kits got a little mention in the latest SHOP 4 Kids Magazine. He has been laughing all day! Nigel can be purchased from my Messagemark store here...

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