18 August 2014

Big Merger Taking Place!

I have decided to merge my Messagemark Facebook page together with my Kyrie Design page so I have less to maintain on Facebook, which means more time to create! 

My new page is called Kyrie Design Studio, to cover all of my design antics - branding, websites, paper products, and features from this studio blog. There is so much cross over in my design work it makes sense to do this.

Thanks so much for visiting my little corner of Facebook, and if you haven't already, please pop over to the new page and like that one so you continue to see updates in your Facebook news feed!! 


1 August 2014

Gettin' Creative with Dinky-Dye

Heidi & Baby Pip, Nigel the Kookaburra and Denis the Platypus
What a thrill to receive these photos in my inbox this morning! A loyal customer of mine (Kathleen) beautifully designed and handmade this amazing quilt for her little boy's bedroom. Kathleen has designed the quilt around our Dinky-Dye Cut & Sew characters Nigel, Heidi and Denis.

Creative and clever is an understatement!

I am so happy that my Dinky-Dye range inspired these creative projects for Kathleen, forming the colour palette and theme for her son's bedroom. No classical navy and red to be seen here! I love it!

Next on the to do list is a custom made cushion featuring Jess & Baby Toby!

Click here to see a previous post about the matching floor rug that Kathleen made to compliment the Dinky-Dye framed prints. AMAZING!

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