24 October 2014

My Gift

This is me, taken 11 years ago, I had just turned 30. I was on a crazy wild snowboarding trip in Wanaka, New Zealand and I decided to have a random photo in the snow in my bikini - like you do! (and yes it was freezing)

One month after this photo was taken I was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer. My whole world as I knew it changed forever.

I was just saying to someone yesterday how I was given the 'gift' of having cancer at 30. "Wow what a statement" was the response! I was on the wrong life path and this was the only way I was going to become aware - something big had to happen to stop me in my tracks. 

Cancer - an experience I am now grateful for, an experience that I am proud of and would never change, an experience that continues to link to the daily choices I make, and my core values. 

Today I celebrate 11 years of being cancer free! So here I am with my original boobies out (well sort of) for breast cancer awareness month!


PS: I was a bit hesitant to post this photo coz it is a bit out there, but it is a good representation of the crazy cat I was prior to cancer, and I'm happy to say that part of me hasn't changed! I even have a pic of me topless from this spot too! LOL! At least I have one photo of how I used to look in my natural state before I was reconfigured!!

20 October 2014

It's Market Time...

Spring is in the air (and a touch of summer with 34 degrees here in Adelaide today) and so it is time to come out of the old Winter hibernation mode and take part in a few markets leading up to Christmas.

First up you will find me sporting my new little Messagemark mini shop display at the Goodwood Art House Marketplace Sunday 2nd November.

Yay for sunny days, gorgeous crafting friends, lovely customers and supporting local primary schools!

Support local, see you there!

10 October 2014

Not only One Small Room

The original idea for One Small Room (OSR) was to set up a room with lots of special pieces chosen for their quality, uniqueness, style and soul, all displayed in a retail space just as it would be in a home.

Ten years later this idea has now evolved into a multifaceted business specialising in interior, building and product design, prop hire and styling – and the original OSR retail space in Croydon, Adelaide is still a popular stop for lovers of all things vintage and retro!

My design brief was to create a clean and feature full website for One Small Room, something to simply promote the two sides of the business – Retail and Design. Rather than manage an online shop, OSR wanted to have a simple way for customers to enquire about a product, so a sophisticated gallery and pop up form was developed to suit this requirement.

The project was completed with crisp professional photography by Denis of Smith & Collins, working alongside Stylist Rebekah Cichero of One Small Room. Some behind the scenes pics...
Bek and Denis churning out the styled product photos.
Behind the scenes setup at the OSR Hall. Impressive!

8 October 2014

Surface Art Spring 2014

Some may find this quite scarey seeing 6 of me in one place, it freaks me out a little. But putting that aside, check out the first roll-out of Surface Art's new Spring / Summer range for 2014!

Oh and also thought I would mention website design by Kyrie Design Studio! ;)

2 October 2014

The Shedley

Image Source Here >
Built in 1965, The Shedley Theatre is a long standing icon in Elizabeth, and was recently upgraded to incorporate a new cafe and bar. I worked alongside The City of Playford's Marketing Department to develop a new brand for the Elizabeth Civic Centre's Café space.

The brief was to somehow incorporate the original 1960s Shedley sign into the new brand, keeping it fresh and not in your typical council style!

I managed to reproduce the original Shedley sign into a logo file, and introduced a new element - a complimentary 'octagon' starburst graphic to use on its own for stickers, uniforms and other marketing.

Interior Design by Total Space Design
It was also a requirement that all designs complimented the new interior design by Total Space Design.

This was such an awesome job because I love the fact that this brand was inspired by the building's history and elements from the 1960s, including starbursts, Featherston Chairs, red bricks!
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