1 February 2011

School Holiday Shenanigans

I had my niece and nephew stay last week so I planned some activities to keep them entertained. First we made miniature cupcakes, very tasty and sweet. They probably look normal size in the photo, but they were quite small and you could easily fit the whole thing in your mouth at once.
Then we ventured down to the beach to build a lounge room setting out of sand. We had big plans, a 3 seater couch, two single armchairs, coffee table and tv all facing the water. 3 hours later we only had the 3 seater couch and coffee table. Man did I sleep well that night after shoveling all that sand!!


Anonymous said...

Kyrie it was really nice of you to include Dan and Rach on your blog. The sand furniture looks well designed. Thanks so much for having them stay with you they had a great time. Love Lynne

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