5 May 2009

Change is Good...

I am personally about to go through some lifestyle changes which includes moving myself, my hubby Denis and MessageMark back to my home town in Australia. I have lived a wonderful life in New Zealand for the past 10 years, but I have a calling to now be closer to my aging parents to support them for a bit.

The good news is MessageMark will continue to operate both in NZ and Australia, however the cards won't be "Made in NZ" anymore, rather "Made in OZ".

Once we make it to Adelaide it will possibly be up to 3 months until I am fully operational again - waiting for my equipment to be shipped across, and finding new suppliers etc. I will make contact with everyone once things are all go again to accept card orders.

In the mean time I plan to update the blog with entertaining updates of where we are at with regards to the big move...Just click "Relocation" under quick search on the left to see all entries.

Kyrie K


Anonymous said...

A joint comment from...
Gillian, Don, Leonie, John and your favourite aging parents!!!!!

The aging parents go to bed very early and get up very late so they are very fit and well during the day!!!
But will need your support as long as you can supply them with some champagne, eggs benedict, etc for breakfast!!!
Denis you should be up for this challenge each morning!!!
Love from us all and hope we will catch up with you both soon

msgmrk said...

You know that if you do present that challenge to Denis he will do it!!! xx

Anonymous said...


Your Mum and Dad are having a lovely time,especially being able to chat to you.
We are celebrating Don's birthday today so should end up pretty happy by tonight. Don and Gillian are cooking dinner. Eric and Jan are providing the entertainment.
We will get it all on video....

Cheers, take care.

msgmrk said...

Sounds like you are having a hoot. Happy Birthday to Don. Hope you all have a fun night. I can only imagine what you are in for knowing that Mum and Dad are providing the entertainment! If the video turns out then I could always put it online for the world to see and you could all be famous!!

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