25 August 2009

Nesting Again...

The final chapter of our relocation...

Well, we are now nested and settled into our new Pad in Grange, South Australia after a big move from Auckland NZ. It is so good to have our own place after spending 3 months staying with my parents. Don't get me wrong, hanging out with the "olds" was great, but just to have my "stuff" around me makes me feel like we are actually here now.

I can't believe the place we have scored. A 1950s property which is still in original condition. ie same kitchen and bathroom totally untouched, original carpet etc. It is so adorable. No nasty 1990s renovations! If you want to see more photos I will be adding some pics to my Retro Delights Blog when I have cleaned up a tad.

I have been for a few walks around the area and Grange feels like such a friendly community. We are really feeling at home and I am very happy.

A great place to start building MessageMark in Australia and watch my business flourish.


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