9 September 2009

Make Someone's Day...

Panda and me in my special panda dress!

I recently bought "Panda" (my smart car) from Carlin & Gazzard a Dealer in Mt Gambier. When Panda arrived there were a few minor things wrong with her that need sorting out. Paul at Carlin & Gazzard was so helpful and understanding and took care of everything for me with no hiccups.

As a thank you, I wrote Paul a thank you card and posted him a Multi-Pack of Msg cards. Paul ended up phoning me straight away to thank me for the cards. His words were "You have made my day", and "Normally you only receive bills etc in the post and rarely nice surprises like that". He was absolutely chuffed and it made me feel so good inside.

It is so cool how such a simple thing can bring so much warmth and happiness to someone's day.


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