29 June 2010

A Fresh Start in Largs Bay

During the late nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries Largs Bay was a disembarkation point for overseas passengers and played a key role in the distribution of the English mail to eastern colonies.

The Largs Pier Hotel, the jetty, a railway extension from Glanville, and a row of six shops were officially opened on 23 December 1882.

Now over 100 years later one of the original shops on Jetty Road is the new home to Messagemark. Our shop was originally a bread store in it's hay-day called "Old Fields Bread". I would love to go back in time to see the hustle and bustle when Largs Bay was a busy port.

We've just finished the renovations and have proudly created an open and fresh work space with the bonus of being just a hop skip and a jump from the beach. The 1890s features - high ceilings, original shop window, wooden floors add to the character and uniqueness of our studio.

The Messagemark Studio is open by appointment - contact hello@messagemark.com.au


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