30 October 2010

Hello Hestor!

I love cats, and haven't had one since I was a kid. The trouble is I am actually allergic to them! So for years I have always befriended the neighbours cats! The great thing is we have always lived next door to really cool cats with great personalities.

We decided it was time to get our own but wanted to wait till it felt like the right cat came along. I just knew there was a cat out there that would be needing a home.

Meet Hestor. I found Hestor via Facebook, a friend I met through facebook was moving house and couldn't take Hestor with them. I just knew straight away that Hestor was the one!

We brought him home last weekend, and after a few days of being a bit weary, Hestor has now totally settled in. He is such a sweetie, can do clever things with his paws (like open cupboards) and it has been wonderful to see his little personality develop as he has become more comfortable in his new environment.

It's only been a week but we really love Hestor!

Pic 1 - Big beautiful green eyes
Pic 2 - Hestor in stealth mode as he explores his new environment.


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