12 November 2010

NEW! CD Cards

If you are 'snap happy' with your digital camera then you are likely to be the kind of person who loves sharing your digital photos. Introducing the CD Card - our unique card designed for sharing digital media - photos, videos, files and music.

I came up with the concept when I burnt photos to disc for a friend following a party, and then wondered what nice package should I put the disk in? And so the CD Card was born!

Of course the CD Card doubles as a greeting card so you can include your own personal message. Our CD Card looks more like a gift, so is the perfect package to share precious memories.

This weekend at Lollipop Market we will be selling CD cards for the special introductory market price of $5 each (normally RRP $7.00)

Some ideas on how you could use the CD card...
• Make a special present for a friend by creating a compilation CD of your favourite music.
• Share photos after an event i.e. wedding, birthday, anniversary, christening, etc.
• Send files to a client with a personal message
• Create your own short movie and send copies out in a CD Card
• Burn your creative portfolio to disc and package in a CD Card
• Burn your product catalogue to CD for posting to customers
• Have the CD card personalised with your business logo

    CD Cards include a printable blank CD and a special CD dot to hold the CD in position. Buy online...


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