31 August 2011

North Star Hotel Melrose

Last weekend we hit the road and headed up north to Melrose for a couple of nights and stayed at the North Star Hotel (a Messagemark stockist). Denis and my friend Georgia are currently featured in an art exhibition at the Hotel which runs until mid October. So we thought we would make a weekend of it, head up on Friday to hang the art and then be there for the exhibition opening Saturday evening.

Georgia and I had a bit of spare time on the Saturday in between walking around the town, talking to sheep and little lambs and eating giant freckles from the corner shop; so we decided to re-arrange the retail area in the Hotel. I threw an old book shelf in the car as I thought it would come in handy for displaying the Messagemark range.

I'm really pleased with our efforts. There is a true science behind visual merchandising and it was fun to help Georgia work out the best display option for these products. The result was clear, sales started to pick up within the first day and many people were popping over to the area for a closer look. That's what we like to see!

I have to admit I think my Dinky-Dye range looked right at home at the North Star Hotel!



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