14 December 2011

Hello "Miss K"

My friend Mardi found this vintage top and thought of me when she spotted the label. But who would have thought a green vintage top found in a second hand store could cause such a stir!

Since seeing this my brain has been going into creative overdrive and I am starting to lack sleep over it! I am really drawn to this name and so have decided to launch a new label called "Miss K". I feel it is a good brand to encompass all of the creative projects I find myself involved in.

Messagemark products will of course still live on, but you may just find the product range expand even further when mixed with my other creative projects. I am still working out the nuts and bolts of rolling this out, but I am ready for a fresh new direction. Bring it on, 2012 will bring change and focus.

Bit of a brain dump, so probably not making too much sense right now. Exciting times though!



Cat said...

All sounds very exciting to me Kyrie! Look forward to hearing more. X

Cherie from Scullery Made Tea said...

Super cool Miss K! Looking forward to seeing this creative volcano bubbling over...
C x

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