15 February 2012

Mockingbird Lounge

Mockingbird Lounge is a new to you second-hand book store and coffee shop offering a bundle of literacy excitement to Glenelg’s Broadway community. First day of trade Tuesday 28th Feb! EXCITING!

Delicious coffee, fine teas and home-made sweet treats will be served. Including this local 'A List' of pure yumminess... De Groot coffee, Scullery Made Teas, Tweedvale milk and Bickfords Old Style Sodas.

You will also find a large range of quality books, of many genres, all sold in as-new condition. Local art and photography is displayed amongst the books (available for purchase), plus there is a small selection of beautiful stationery and cards ... yes Messagemark to name one of the selected few!

Enjoy the laid back charm at Mockingbird Lounge six days a week – Tuesday to Sunday, with extended trading two nights per week. Plus if you have a special private shindig, Stacey will be delighted to cater to your needs.
Tuesday 9 - 9
Wednesday 9 - 4
Thursday 9 - 4
Friday 9 - 9
Saturday 9 - 5
Sunday 9 - 5




Louisa said...

excellent! Just around the corner from my folks place. Can't wait to check it out - thanks for sharing Kyrie xox

Kyrie K said...

No problemo Louisa! xx

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