10 July 2012

Fresh Bread from Ireland? What the...

In everything I make and do at Messagemark I am always searching for a 'green' solution. Over the past 2 months I have been designing a box for my Note Card sets with the help of a local Adelaide business Creative Cardboard

It would be dishonest of me if I said the process of designing this box was smooth sailing, it took me about 2 months and many prototypes to come to this final design. An yes, it is simply a box made from recycled board, big deal! The point is I chose to use a local supplier over sourcing from overseas which would have been a third of the price. Working with a local supplier gave me the direct face to face interaction to communicate exactly what I needed.

There are many environmental benefits to choosing local suppliers, and it is also great for our local economy. I want to keep my Aussie dollars in Australia. 

Don't you think the world is going a bit nuts - 'fresh' bread being sold at Coles from Ireland... where is there sense in that? Don't we have enough bakers in SA to meet the demand? Of course we do!!

Please think about what you are buying and where possible support our local businesses! And please, be aware of where products are made. Cheaper is not always better...



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