8 October 2007

MessageMark is Alive!!

Hey Everyone...

Today is a very exciting day. Our new website is now live! After nearly 4 years of planning we now have a professional marketing tool and we are feeling very chuffed about it.

The MessageMark site is a window into the charities we support, and our greeting card range. Our long term plan is to create a shopping cart environment so you can purchase cards directly from our site.

Be part of the MessageMark community – don't forget to join our mailing list so you stay in touch with our new card designs and charity partners.

Feeling the buzz from giving,
Kyrie @ MessageMark


Anonymous said...


I am so proud of you. i have watched this project grow with an incredible amount of dedication and passion. The whole Messagemark concept is simply a reflection of you as a person. You are the most giving, warm and beautiful person I have ever known. Messagemark will allow you to touch, and spread you warmth even further.



Anonymous said...

Hi Kyrie

It was great to meet you at the 1st ever New Zealand BC conference last week. You are an inspiration to young women who have has to battle with this frightning disease. I look forward to working with you to develop a web site and other online services for young people in New Zealand to help them through their journey's and create a "community" support group.

I have also explored your MessageMark web site and I think it's a fantastic idea. Good luck with building your business and keep in touch.


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