23 January 2011

Shinning Light on Cancer

I was browsing through my husbands Flickr site (Denis Smith) and came across this entry about a book (Shinning Light on Cancer) designed to support cancer sufferers.  What Denis wrote really touched me, so I wanted to share it with you. A wonderful insight and interpretation from the outside looking in, and linking the experience to his photography.

I often feel, and it is regularly commented that the reflection from the Ball of Light is more wondrous and strong than the actual Ball of Light itself. When I sit and look at images such as this one, I always find the reflection off the water more fascinating and more interesting.

I have been unlucky, and lucky enough to have cancer touch people I love far too much. When I have been closest to them the experience has been like this image. They often are just a reflection of who they were, but so often that person is more rich, more beautiful and more interesting when faced with their predicament. You will see things in them that you didn't know existed. Sometimes these experiences can be a wonderful insight into them as human beings.

[http://www.flickr.com/groups/1545026@N24/] Shinning Light on Cancer is a group set up here on flickr to gather light painting images for a book to help fight cancer, and help cancer sufferers.

Light painting brings wonder and strength to many. If we can help as a community to bring an ounce of joy and wonder to someone in need and going through Cancer, get involved.

If that person is you, BE STRONG and GO HARD! - Denis Smith


Louisa said...

oh my Denis, you have such a beautiful way with words. Watching someone you love put in the fight of their life can be one of the most painful and joyous times. So many tears, so much laughter and love can be shared.

Kyrie K said...

So so true Louisa! Kx

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