18 April 2011

Our Retro Abode

2/4/2011 the day we bought our dream Retro Abode at Auction. A nail biting experience, but in the end it was meant to be.

We were happy and lucky to meet the previous owner Cyril who has now started a new chapter in his life in an old folks home. An absolute sweetheart... I just wanted to give him heaps of cuddles but thought that may seem weird!

He was happy to meet us too, knowing our plans and love for his home of 50 years.

Might have to frame this one to pop up on the wall when we move in!

We move mid May, then the fun begins... as we start renovations I will post images and details of the transformation on my Retro Delights blog! 


Anthea Bartlett said...

Congrats! Looks fantastic!

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