13 April 2011

Nesting at Bowerbird

Messagemark is starting to prepare our nest for our 3 day possie at the Bowerbird Bazaar 6-8th May. We will be located in the main hall in the middle towards the back at stall #42. This will be our fourth Bowerbird event and we're still looking forward to it as if it was the first!

If you have never attended then it is well worth the effort - I can guarantee you will not be disappointed with all the eye candy to devour!

And while in our corner do pop next door to stall #41 and say hi to my lovely husband Denis (Denis Smith Photography). He is hard to miss with his incredible light painting photography named "Ball of Light". Men also find Denis' work intriguing, so send your partners over to his stand and he can entertain them while you shop!


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