29 March 2012

Bowerbird Bazaar March 2012

Well the dust has settled and I am nearly finished unpacking from last weekend's Bowerbird Bazaar. Denis and I had so much fun working together on his Denis Smith Photography stand. I really do enjoy sharing Denis's story and photographic technique. It is so cool to see the customer's reaction once they hear how he achieves his Ball of Light creations. So inspiring!

So, it is impossible to go to Bowerbird without collecting a few new goodies, and this time there were many new products just itching to be taken home! Denis and I treated ourselves to a couple too... hard not to really! So what did we spend our hard earned money on?

First up this simple yet gorgeous brooch from Red Revival.
Cute wee bowls by artist Georgia Gabrielle. I'm going to use these for S&P.
A cheeky present for Denis. Cufflinks by Angus & Celeste
Gretel Girl Geometric Brooch
Gretel Girl Geometric Necklace - poorly modeled by me! Photo by Gretel Girl!

The lovely Sass from Ask Alice Stationery gave me these cards. Smiles all round!

Another treat for Denis - A wooden iPhone cover by A Skulk of Foxes
(However Denis picked the one without colour but thought I would add this pic cos it looks prettier!)

I'm starting to save up now for July's event!


Red Revival said...

Thanks lovely!! It was great to meet you ;-)

Kyrie K said...

I hope you enjoyed your time in Adelaide too!

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