21 April 2012

Little shop of Retro Delights

Check it out, I have a new LITTLE online store! Some of you already understand that I am a bit of a collector and love all things vintage. Actually, many of my Messagemark designs and colour palettes are inspired by the retro objects around my home, and anything from the 1950-1960 era.

I am often out and about and come across some delightful retro finds so you will see the odd treasure making it's way to this little store of Retro Delights. You will also find some other crafty goodness that I dabble in, like my K2 Scarf.

Retro Delights is simply another blog that I have written for a few years. It's a way for me to  share and celebrate the goodness in all things retro, plus some of our projects from around the home to turn the old into new.

Go on, get your daily dose of retro goodness!



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