9 April 2011

Surrounded by Light!

We have had an interesting couple of weeks mixed with both major excitement and emotional reflection.

My husband Denis launched his "Ball of Light" movie by Sam Collins, and already it has had over 29,000 views globally. We can’t believe how much the movie has touched people on so many different levels. It is definitely going viral!

We have been a bit emotional since the release of the movie as we are both overwhelmed and very happy that we have made it through the tough times... together. We were in a very dark place, and now we are surrounded by light! (literally!!)

I have spent the past 2 weeks working on an online shop so people can purchase Denis' wonderful Ball of Light creations. We launched the shop last night and when we woke up this morning there was already an order from America sitting in my inbox. How wonderful!

Ball of Light Shop >
Ball of Light Movie >



Vanessa and Ingrid Opera said...

Love Love Love the "Ball of Light" Movie.
Beautiful and inspiring images and story!
Congratulations for finding your own balls of light!

Kia Kaha (forever strong) from New Zealand

Vanessa and Ingrid

Beky said...

That was so beautiful and inspiring. It's a joy to see that the ball of light has kept the black dog at bay.

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