26 January 2012

Happy Australia Day!

Have a great day!

16 January 2012

Australiana Zine

Happy dance happening in the studio today... I received my copy of the Australiana Zine. It's a celebration of Australian Design wrapped up in a sweet little mag by Paper Runway. And yes, Messagemark is thrilled to bits to be featured!

The Zine showcases and acknowledges a snippet of Australian produced designs where the image of Australia is projected through their rich and varied creations and interpretations of symbols of identity.

Learn about some really cool paper design labels including...

+ Beneath the Sun
+ Tabitha Emma
+ Printspace
+ Ask Alice
+ Earth Greetings

(Do check them out and support our design industry!)  <GET YOUR COPY HERE >


13 January 2012

Pop Collection On Sale

Limited stock so better be quick! Click here to view the range...Don't forget to use the discount code "Pop" in the cart at checkout to receive your 50% saving.


12 January 2012

Feeling Special

I'm feeling rather special. There was a little surprise in my PO Box today. A gift from Trace at Gretel Girl Draws. Included was a cute cardboard note with fabric stitched on the back, a brooch wrapped in a special pocket made from a recycled dress pattern envelope, and some cute wooden earrings. This really made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside Trace... thank you!
Last year I purchased this groovy hoop artwork which happily sits in my new laundry! I love Gretel Girl products and plan to have a portrait illustrated by the lovely Tracy very soon!


5 January 2012

Quirky Terrarium Holiday Project

I found this clock in an op shop and instantly thought, 
"Hmmm, I could make a quirky terrarium out of you!"
Step One - Pull the clock apart so you are left with only the base and glass dome.
Step Two - To clean up the base, I used black spray paint. 
Depending on your decor choose any colour!
Step Three - Give the base a coat of paint in a well ventilated area and leave to dry.
Step Four - Gather a small amount of artificial moss to cover the base.
Step Five - Once the paint has dried pile the artificial moss on top of the base.
Step Six - Choose a miniature to sit on top of the moss.
Step Seven - Position the miniature in the center of the base.
Step Eight - Wash the glass dome and sit on top of the base.
And there you have it, a Quirky Terrarium! You can buy bases and the glass domes new
but they can be a bit pricey, so keep a look out for some old clocks in your local op shop.

Here's what you will need:
1. Glass dome and base - maybe from an old clock (mine cost $7.99 from an op shop)
2. Artificial moss (I bought mine from ebay for $5 + postage)
3. Spray paint any colour
4. Cute critter to live in your terrarium


(Cute hoop artwork by Gretel Girl)

3 January 2012

I've gone Cuckoo!

When the clock struck midnight on New Year's Eve I went a bit Cuckoo and it still hasn't worn off! I have a feeling this crazy disposition may end any time, so while in this state of Cuckooness I am offering a whopping 50% off everything! Don't forget to use the discount code "Cuckoo" in the cart at checkout to receive your 50% saving.


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