30 September 2009

All hands on deck...

We are getting ready for the Bowerbird Bazaar which opens in 10 days. My sweet parents popped in to give me a hand today. Both retired, they really enjoyed having some hands on experience, packing cards, hole punching, tying strings etc. How cute to see them working and being so interested in what I do. Thanks Muttie and Dad xxx.

24 September 2009

Open for Business... Again

Yay, the MessageMark Card Shop is now back online. Check out the new look shopping cart and product photos here

18 September 2009

Cheap as Chips - Almost

I recently found this cute wall decal from "Cheap as Chips" of all places for only $8. First time I have tried something like this. So I put it up in my studio and I can now see that I could easily get addicted to wall decals. The only danger is putting up too many! Perfect when renting a house if you want to personalise a room - but not permanently! I can now understand why there are so many gorgeous wall decal businesses out there like Flatbird.com.au. Very cool.

15 September 2009

Bowerbird Bazaar

Style-savvy shoppers with a keen eye for beautiful objects to feather their nests will take delight in the new Bowerbird Bazaar. This three-day event, launching in Adelaide this October, gives the public an opportunity to seek out unique art and handmade wares created by Australian designer/makers. The Bazaar provides a platform for professional artists, designers and craftspeople working in visual art, jewellery, furniture, textiles and fashion, glass and ceramics, and other design-driven fields like greeting cards!

The event also presents the wonderful opportunity for the public to meet and talk with the people who make the products. Of course I will be there to promote MessageMark so come on down for a visit Sat or Sunday. It will be great to meet you face to face.

For more details visit the official Bowerbird Bazaar website...

When: Saturday and Sunday, October 10 - 11
Where: Queen's Theatre, Playhouse Lane, Adelaide
Trade Entry: Mini trade fair for retailers on Friday October 9

9 September 2009

Make Someone's Day...

Panda and me in my special panda dress!

I recently bought "Panda" (my smart car) from Carlin & Gazzard a Dealer in Mt Gambier. When Panda arrived there were a few minor things wrong with her that need sorting out. Paul at Carlin & Gazzard was so helpful and understanding and took care of everything for me with no hiccups.

As a thank you, I wrote Paul a thank you card and posted him a Multi-Pack of Msg cards. Paul ended up phoning me straight away to thank me for the cards. His words were "You have made my day", and "Normally you only receive bills etc in the post and rarely nice surprises like that". He was absolutely chuffed and it made me feel so good inside.

It is so cool how such a simple thing can bring so much warmth and happiness to someone's day.

5 September 2009

2010 Ikea Catalogue

Check out the new Ikea Catalogue just released. Who are those attractive people on the front you ask? Well yes that is my hubby Denis and me.

A great fundraising idea... a $2 donation to a charity (I think KidsCan) and we received the latest Ikea Catalogue featuring us on the front.

Very funny to have lying on the coffee table. Den and I enjoy hanging out at Ikea and love the $1.50 icecreams so a good memento for us. We tricked my parents and told them we were asked to do the photo shoot and are now on all of the catalogues. Bless.
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